NTU & Waseda University Joint Workshop
 2017-11-13 更新

In a raining winter day on 1st November 2017, Professor Shinichi Hirota (from School of Commerce, Waseda University) lead 8 senior (4th year) Waseda students, and 10 junior (3rd year) Waseda students to visit National Taiwan University (NTU) and participate in “NTU & Waseda University Joint Workshop”. These Waseda students are majoring in Corporate, Finance and Governance. The Waseda University is one of the top 10 ranked universities in Japan, which is a private university located in the urban of Tokyo. On behalf of the College of Management (CoM), Prof. Robin Bing-Yu Chen (Associate Dean & Director of EiMBA) and Prof. Chialin Chen (Associate Dean & Director of GMBA) gave a cordially welcome to the Waseda delegates. First of all, Prof. Chialin Chen gave a welcome speech by introducing the CoM and NTU.


The Office of International Affairs, CoM, also invited Mr. Daisuke OTA (Chief of General Affairs, Office of Global Initiatives, University of Tsukuba, Japan) to visit NTU and participate in the Joint Workshop. He was accompanied by the officer from OIA NTU during the entire Joint Workshop. Other participants are graduate students from NTU Global MBA, International Business, and junior students from other faculties of NTU. Moreover, the Master of the Ceremony (MC) on the day are Takayuki Sone and Jason Hsu, who are the senior students from Dual Degree Program of NTU and Waseda. 


Then, the MC Takayuki Sone gave a personal sharing about his student life in NTU started with English, and then conducted in Japanese. After his talk, the other MC Jason Hsu welcomed Waseda student group 1 to present. Group 1 with five senior Waseda students delivered the presentation on “Does the Stewardship Code Accomplish Its Original Purpose?”. Group 1 investigated the impact of the stewardship code, on the shareholder voting activity of institutional investors. They found that Japan’s stewardship code changes the voting activity of institutional investors. However, the stewardship code failed to foster firms’ sustainable growth, in terms of the exercise of voting rights by institutional investors. In short, the stewardship code encourages institutional investors to change their shareholder voting activity to fulfill their stewardship responsibilities.

After Group 1’s wonderful presentation, Group 2’s five senior Waseda students presented the topic on “What Factors of Shareholder Benefits Effectively contribute to an Increase of Individual Shareholders?” Japanese like shareholder benefits, which is their motivation in doing this research. Shareholder benefits are the non-cash gifts and services provided by the firms once/twice per year to their shareholders. Firms who have the shareholder benefits program are continuously increasing. And in 2016, 35.5% of Japanese listed firms introduce shareholder benefits. They find that firms which initiate the shareholder benefit program experience a significant increase in the number of individual investors. However, the average number of shares held by individual investors become smaller, indicating a more diffused ownership by individual investors. Their analysis suggests that firms need to introduce shareholder benefits with high cashability and high yields in order to increase individual shareholders, and yet firm’s policy of decreasing minimum amount of money is not important. Both presentations are awesome and informative, where audiences are excited to ask questions and eager to learn more.


Next is the free talk session, where Jenny the senior student from NTU introduced 2018 NTU Spring Program. Afterward, two senior students as delegates of Waseda introduced Waseda University, and expressed thank you to NTU for hosting. The participants of the joint workshop started to mingle together after their talks, and enjoy their lunchbox and wonderful lunch time. On behalf of the CoM, Prof. Robin Bing-Yu Chen (Associate Dean & Director of EiMBA) was more than happy to join the mingling. Everyone feel connected, cared for and part of the “NTU & Waseda University Joint Workshop”.


Finally, the joint workshop ended with the campus tour organized by NTU Visitor Center. As for memorizing this meaningful visit and friendship between two schools, all NTU participants and delegates of Waseda said goodbye and took photos together. Although this is the end of the joint workshop, one thing for sure is the friendship between two schools will last forever.