Center for Financial Economic and Regulation Intelligence, NTU
Center for Financial Economic and Regulation Intelligence

The center aims to combine the professors of the College, and to expand the cooperation of the whole academic community, research institutions, government agencies, public and private enterprises and experts in fields related, looking forward to the combination of scholars of domestic and international financial, accounting, and information management, finance and taxation, legal, economists, and the construction of the Asia-Pacific Knowledge Base.

The six objectives of the center :

  • Enhance and promote the research and knowledge of the Financial wisdom and the laws and regulations of China and the Asia-Pacific region
  • Publish financial economic and regulation intelligence related papers
  • Host related seminars, inviting internationally renowned scholars to participate
  • Provide suggestions for the Government about strengthening the regulatory mechanism of financial economic and regulation intelligence
  • Build cooperation with internationally renowned research institutes related
  • Host other related activities

The Organization :

  • Academic Research Division
  • Teaching Development Division
  • Administrative and Publications Division