Sharing from Professor Cheng Wei Wu of Department of International Business: Research on Information Economics and M&A
 2017-11-01 更新

 Following the success of the first cross-cutting sharing in September, followed by a cross-cutting sharing session in October, Mr. Wu Zhengwei, an international business department, was invited to share with us. As a result of the awarding of the "EMBA Alumni Scholar Scholarship Seminar" this year, Prof. Wu was honored to invite EMBA to donate alumni representatives - Deng Chuanxin attended the meeting to listen to the sharing of teachers. The theme of this year's sharing of information economics and corporate mergers and acquisitions is a significant increase in global mergers and acquisitions in recent years, with the exception of industry consolidation and cross-industry cooperation, as well as the rise of new industries Transformation of mergers and acquisitions. In the wave of global mergers and acquisitions, Mr. Wu introduced how to analyze the choice of M & A in M & A, the decision of M & A, and the design of M & A contract through the perspective of information economics, and explore its related management Han.

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