Congratulations to Professor Han Tingyun of GMBA for the " E.SUN Academic Award "
 2017-11-01 更新

  E.SUN FHC, E.SUN BANK and Foundation E.SUN Culture and Education Foundation to uphold the love of this piece of land in Taiwan, and show corporate social responsibility and deepen the cultivation of talented concrete action, in 2010, donated to the Taiwan University School of Management set up " E.SUN Academic Award Through the E.SUN Academic Award, the seventh " E.SUN Academic Award " was awarded to Global MBA HAN Ting-yun, Unequal Bedfellows: Gender Role-based Deference in Multiplex Ties between Korean Business Groups. The main contribution of this study is about the theory of multiple relationships and competitive positioning. In his opening address, Prof. Guo Ruixiang said that the E.SUN Academic Award was very rare and was honored by international scholars. This means that foreign scholars can not only The hospital environment to survive, and both in teaching or research, are very serious to help students and enhance the academic research energy, Guo Yuan also donated a letter to the E.SUN BANK. E.SUN BANK on behalf of Chen Maoqin long speech, said, very grateful to the Institute of excellence in personnel training, E.SUN academic award since the establishment in 2010, over the past six years a total of 15 teachers, some winners even in the past two decades E.SUN BANK will continue to fulfill its commitment to Taiwan's talent cultivation, social care and corporate social responsibility, as well as the excellent results of the E.SUN and Guanzhai cooperation.


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