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Heng-Chiang Huang
Ph.D. Ph.D., University of Michigan
Office : Building II, College of Management 806
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Research Field
• International Business Management
• International Marketing
• Marketing Research and Quantitative Models
• Consumer Behaviors
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• Ph.D., University of Michigan
• Industry Analysis & Management in China
• Marketing Management
• Marketing Research
• Quantitative Models in Marketing
• Seminar on Marketing Management
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1997-Current, Professor at Department of Business Administration, NTU 1992-1997, Associate Professor at Department of Business Administration, NTU 1986-1988, Officer at the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA
Conference Paper
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Journal Paper
  1. Chou, Anthony En-Yi, Cheng-Yu Lin and Heng-Chiang Huang, November 2016, Fairness and Devotion Go Far: Integrating Online Justice and Value Co-creation in Virtual Communities, International Journal of Information Management, (SSCI impact factor=1.550, ranked 21/85 in Information Science & Library Science).
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