Join the ASML challenge: propose new technology solutions that enable the electronic applications of 2025
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From next fall, ASML and EY will launch an international technology challenge to Engineering University students


With this contest, ASML is searching for new technology ideas to enable next decade’s demand in computational performance (GB, GB/s, GFLOPS) needed for applications such as autonomous driving, augmented reality, Internet of Things, a.o.

ASML will present students a problem-solving, technical challenge and ask them to come up with solutions in a two-step process:

  • Step 1 – Ideation: students to submit valuable concepts to solve the related project
  • Step 2 – Evaluation and feedback by ASML engineers: all ideas will be analyzed and will receive feedback

EY is teaming up with ASML and will manage the contest through its platform NimbleBee (



  • Students can gain a real-life experience, while interacting and getting feedbacks from a multinational Corporation. Every participant gets a certificate and the winners are rewarded with prize money
  • Universities can showcase the talents of their students and be part of a network that is driven by innovations in teaching;


The competition should be embedded into the curriculum and guided by a professor. We believe that a guided structural approach provides better quality and smoother feedback.



You can find more information and details about the competition process on presentation here attached.

If you think this challenge might be a great fit for your course and your students, please get in touch with us to CONFIRM PARTICIPATION OF YOUR UNIVERSITY by July, 14th  to or call us at +32 56 36 21 90 or +32 56 36 21 97.

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