2018 Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Summer Program: Taiwan Experience ( August 6th to 8th)
 2018-09-04 更新
Written by Rita Sung

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Summer Program provided first 3 weeks of dynamic courses in management, followed by a cultural tour of Taiwan from August 6th to 8th.

2018/8/6Taichung National Museum of Natural Science
Under the Augustblazing sun, this group of exchange students from all over the world arrived at their first stop, the Taichung National Museum of Natural Science, where they explored marvelous culture in Taichung at Life Sciences Hall, the Human Culture Exhibition, the Global Environment Gallery, the Three-Dimensional Theater and many others. The first expedition exposed the exchange students to Taiwan’s vibrant cultural heritage.
The Luce Chapel
The glorious sunbeams in August reflected on the surface of the architectural curve of the Luce Chapel, symbolizing the closing moments of our hands in prayer. All the International students of our group stood in front of the landmark of Tunghai University admiring the beauty of architectures as a reflection of both traditional and contemporary styles, a treasure symbolizing the spirit of Tunghai University!

Fengjia Night Market

Strolling under the splendid moonlights, the International students arrived at Fengjia Night Market, the hippest district in Taichung. The balloon vendor had caught everybody’s attention as they desired to give it a shot! Many theme-based stores provided our students with an exquisite experience in Taiwan’s night market. Surrounded with student-priced goodies and novel fashion accessories, the international students immersed themselves with the youthful Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese styles and enjoyed the versatile atmosphere.

 Guang Shin Zhi Liao

On August 7th, the second day of the Taiwan Cultural Tour with a curiosity of Chinese traditions, the International students visited Guang Shin Zhi Liao to experience ancient Chinese papermaking. This group of E generation students appreciated the beauty of Guang Shin Zhi Liao historic exterior design which is restrained, in the traditional Chinese style. They learned how to make handmade paper from raw materials by recognizing different kinds of grass and woods’ fiber and practicing ancient printing.

2018/8/7  Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon LakeIn the afternoon, with a breeze simmering and water rippling, the International students finally arrived at Sun Moon Lake, where was selected by the Life Travel Website CNNGO as one of the ten most beautiful bicycle paths in the world. Enthusiastically, the students hopped on bikes, afterward taking a boat ride, visiting the famous attractions around the lake such as Ci'en Tower, Lalu Island, and Xuanzang Temple. What a wonderfully joyous ecological journey!

2018/8/8 Yingge
On August 8th, the third day of the Taiwan Cultural Tour, the students came to visiting Yingge, which is famous for its ceramics. Regardless of whether the students were from the East or the West; they were mesmerized by the artistic ceramic sculptures lingering in the picturesque old town. Yingge was once a major industrial kiln site, but today it has updated to a pottery workshop and hands-on DIY. Our students all had an opportunity to roll up their sleeves, grab a lump of clay and create unique artworks. In this way reconnect with this ancient civilization!

The three-day holiday might seem to be too short. For this group of young exchange students, we may open a window gently for them to explore Chinese culture. Looking forward to meeting you again next time!