2018 Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Summer Program
 2018-09-04 更新

Written by Sophia Lee

It was a sunny day on 16 July 2018. Students from all over the world (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Australia, America, France, Morocco and Switzerland) visited the College of Management of National Taiwan University for the “Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Summer Program,” which lasted four weeks and was conducted in English.

We were honored to invite four professors, Dr. Chialin Chen, Dr. Miriam Garvi, Dr. Ling-Chieh Kung and Dr. Patrick Chang to serve as the lecturers of the program. All of them have both strong academic backgrounds and ample experiences in the industry. Through the courses, participants could utilize the operating strategies taught by the professors. These knowledges stimulate innovative thinking, international market development and enterprise value exploration, and thus secures the sustainability of a business. On top of the campus lectures, during the company visiting and case discussions, students not only could utilize what they learned but also could make the learning process more efficient through the combination of knowledge learned in the class and the practices in the business.

In addition to the business courses, we also hoped that all the foreign students could know more about Taiwan during their stay in our country. As a result, we invited Dr. Szu-Wei Chen, one of the most well-known professors in National Taiwan University who opens the course “Music Cultures Around Globe” on campus. We asked him to become the lecturer of “Discovering Taiwan through Musical Culture: Tradition and Innovation.” During the class, students could take chance to enjoy the aboriginal music and puppet show. We also scheduled different activities such as some cultural events, a Taipei day tour and a Taiwan experience three-day tour. By joining these activities, international students could have the opportunity to know more about the environment, history and culture of Taiwan.

We made a lot of memories together during this month through gold panning together at Jinguashi, playing the fairy stick near the sun moon lake, showing off our hand-made paper, enjoying Aiyu jelly and tangyuan, trying the best to write calligraphy, and staying up late to finish the final presentation. In the end, everyone smiled happily when they got their certificates.

Though we feel our story is just going to start, it was time to say goodbye.

It was a sunny day on 10 August 2018. We hugged and said goodbye to each other with a blessing and the memories we created together in the summer program.