2017 Foster School of Business University of Washington Short-Term Lectures
 2017-09-30 更新

In a sunny fall day, 17 delegates from University of Washington EMBA, the world famous business school, visited National Taiwan University on 7th September. Welcomed by NTU student delegates, the visit group firstly enjoyed lunch banquet in College of Management Building I. On behalf of CoM, Prof. Minghhuei, Hsieh, the Associate Dean of College of Management and Director of EMBA, and Prof. Chialin, Chen, Associate Dean of College of Management & Director of GMBA, gave a heartwarming welcome address as the prologue of the day, introducing the decades-long history of College of Management and vivid stories of National Taiwan University.

The Office of International Affairs of College of Management had invited two excellent professors to share their rich business and teaching experiences to those students who came from far-off country to this forum. Prof. Chris, Lin, Chairperson of International Business Department, and Prof. Ming-Daw, Cheng from GMBA prepared wide topics, such as cross-trait economics, Asia e-commerce trend and case studies of world top tier companies, to evoke audiences’ reflection of the meaning of marketing in depth. Given by the insightful analysis, inspiring short clips and real cases in Taiwan, the class had a high vibe and everyone was eager to learn more. The class even couldn’t stop discuss during the break!

The forum was followed by a campus tour in NTU, guided by CoM students. University of Washington EMBA members walked into the scenery of NTU and were amazed by the unique architectures, Azaleas field, the spirit icon Fu Bell and the symbol of the University, Royal Palm Boulevard. The short wonder in campus became an unforgettable piece of the visit.


Time flies, the whole activity ended with the campus tour. As for memorizing this meaningful visit and the friendship between two schools, all NTU staffs and delegates from University of Washington EMBA bided farewell and took photos together. Although this is the end of the forum, one thing for sure is the friendship between two schools will last.