The 2019 Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Summer Program
 2019-08-08 更新

The report of the 2019 Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Summer Program

August 3, 2019 Written by Rita Sung/宋明佳 編撰

The 2019 Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Summer Program at the College of Management at National Taiwan University has been conducting 4 -week summer programs for 7 years. The 2019 Summer Program gave students a chance to connect with and experience Asian culture, providing diversity, an international experience and fulfilling their desire to study overseas. Making new friends at a world-class Asian university in one of the largest exporting countries in the world will jump-star their future networking needs!


In addition to NTU’s intense credit courses this summer, students have enjoyed visiting companies: Franz Collection and gigabyte, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taroko National Park in Hualien, the Center for Traditional Arts on the banks of the Dongshan River in Yilan and so much more! The program engaged students in over 80 hours of hands-on academic and cultural activities. Follow the main themes of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability, 3 guest speakers were invited to share first-hand accounts regarding their entrepreneurship. Two cultural events, “Martial Arts & Tea Art” and a music workshop featuring a puppet show and aboriginal dances designed to engage students in dynamic Chinese arts, literacy, music and life! The goals of the program are to build resilient students who have the skills and traits needed to reach their potential.


The main course INNOVATION MANAGEMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP FROM AN ASIAN PERSPECTIVE is designed in 4 modules. “How to come up with an Inspiring Design?” asked by Dr. Chia-Lin Chen to initiate the first module. The students learned “design thinking” in a systematic, consistent process to explore and seize human values for innovation. During many in-class exercises, each student learned to take the unique point of view of customers’ needs and be a story teller building a connection with the customers. The following courses were delivered by Dr. Miriam Garvi, Dr. Jung-Yun Han and Dr. Ling-Chieh Kung. Module 2.3.4 allowed the students to analyze and experience the impacts of great leadership and the application of strategic alliances. Learning partnerships of more corporations work together, the learners experienced strategically achievement can be more significantly for multiple benefits. With the new trend of technology of using a platform, where connects multiple entities to communicate and trade much more efficiently. All the courses have provided students with an insightful and memorable summer pre-entrepreneur experience.


At the course, “Discovering Taiwan through Musical Culture: Tradition and Innovation,” the students experienced and practiced musical genres first-hand and learned about their historical and social context in Taiwan. In addition to the academic lectures, Dr. Szu-Wei Chen also provided an Aboriginal Singing and Dancing workshop, which was one of the most memorable events that inspired many students. A Taiwanese indigenous artist presented songs of his tribe in a loud, clear and energetic voice. Holding hands with one another, students were dancing rhythmically in class. Later during the 3-day trip, the students also experienced Ami dance led by an Ami Chief and imagined themselves as a wave in the ocean merging with the energy of nature in the Fata’an Wetlands in Hualien.



The last 3 day trip (7/29~7/31 , 2019) to Hualien and Yilan offered an escape for the summer students who had completed the intense summer courses. Walking through the caves in Toroko National Park, strolling in the Dondamen Night Market, catching fish by hand and making self-picked scallion pancakes in Yilan, the 2019 summer students travelled far and wide to enjoy those moments during the last trip in Taiwan.

We would like to congratulate the 2019 summer program students for the efforts they have made for the completion of the course. Every one of the students and the summer program team: Rita, Cindy, Wendee, Vita, Justin, Allan and Chun Hao have made solid progress. August 3, 2019 might be the last day of the program, but the adventure isn't over yet.

My dear summer friends: Remember how we held hands while singing and dancing with each other? What a blessing! We will hold hands in the future and our friendship will continue to grow!