Insurance & Health Check
NTU Insurance Policy

All prospective exchange students must show proof of insurance along with their applications.  Exchange students are advised to purchase insurance which could cover all the medical expenses and expenses while having accident overseas in their home countries before coming to NTU. The insurance proof should be either in English or in Chinese version and must be uploaded back to the online exchange application. 

Per instruction of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, international exchange students are not allowed to purchase the standard student insurance plan provided for regular students by the university.

Health Check
All prospective exchange students must complete a health check in their home country before coming to NTU. An empty NTU health exam form can be downloaded from the online exchange application or from the following documents. Students need to provide exam results asked in the form including X-ray results. A proof of vaccination is also required, especially the MMR vaccin. 

 NTU Health Exam Form and MMR vaccin proof (Complete version)
 Health Exam Policy