Beitou One-day Field Trip for Exchange Students
Published At:2019-04-24 
 2019-04-24 updated



At the beginning of the field trip, we walked along Beitou Park to Beitou Hot Spring Museum. With all the interesting historic facts and stunning views, everyone enjoyed their time visiting the museum. The Tatami matted public rest space and the garden outside the building were the popular attractions for photo lovers.

Our second stop was the Plum Garden. When we stepped into the wooden building, the first thing that welcomed us was the cursive calligraphy work of Mr. Yu Youren, a famous cursive calligrapher in history. Although the exchange students did not understand Mandarin, every one of them were curious about the meanings of the calligraphy work. And so, all CoM buddies made a lot of effort in interpreting to the exchange students, and thus the exchange students got a further understanding of the artwork and also the beauty of Chinese characters. Besides that, Buddies also acted as interpreters introducing the life of Mr. Yu Youren, making the trip an insightful and knowledgeable one.

After visiting Plum Garden, we split into two teams. One team went to the open-air hot spring in which they experienced the extreme differences of the hot spring and the cold spring. They also chatted with the local residents during the wonderful experience. On the other hand, another team went to the hot spring where they only had to soak their legs in it. When they reached their destination, the place was fully crowded. However, with the help of the friendly local residents and after walking some distance, finally they got to try the leg-soaking hot spring. It was indeed an unforgettable experience!


After indulging in the tasty Ramen for lunch, all Buddies and exchange students headed towards our next stop, which is the Beitou Museum. Although the mountain trail is quite steep and it was quite a long distance away, but it was nothing when you have great company with you, chatting and drinking black tea along the way. After reaching the museum, everyone was amused by the antique beauty of the scenery. We visited the museum and got to know the history and culture of Beitou. After visiting, we all sat together in the building, had some rest, took pictures and then left.

Towards the end of the trip, we went to our last stop which is the Beitou Thermal Valley (Hell Valley). The exchange students were completely bewildered by the view of the smoke ascending from the thermal valley, as this was their first time visiting such a place and experiencing such a thing. All of them took lots of photos to capture this amazing and unusual view. And thus, the thermal valley became the most acclaimed destination of the day and was also the best destination to wrap up our orientation trip! Through this memorable one day trip, both exchange students and Buddies learned plenty about the fascinating Taiwan. This amazing memory will be long kept in all our hearts and minds.