APRC 2018 AI Taiwan 臺灣人工智慧論壇
Activity day:2018-10-23 
Published At:2018-10-23 
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APRC 2018 AI Taiwan 臺灣人工智慧論壇


本論壇由亞洲國家中重點市場調查組織組成,亞太研究委員會APRChttp://aprc-research.com/20094成立,APRC現在被定位為在亞太地區協會和社團之間交流有關行銷研究和相關行業的訊息和知識的主要網絡,本次主題方向為AIBig DataMarket Research


APRC11個會員國 (http://aprc-research.com/)於大會組織中,每年由各會員國舉辦,今年2018年在台灣舉行。


Market Research in AI Transformation

The 10th APRC Taiwan Conference seeking to leap forwards the AI future and to reveals a new chapter of market research sector. 

Join with the Asia Pacific region top AI insights influencers and network with business leaders, for two days challenging learning of the latest industry intelligence. We are line-up with expertise and academic giant to provide interesting AI implication perspectives. Welcome all the members to participate in 2018 APRC annual events!

APRC Taiwan Conference is held in co-organize with CMRS (ChungHwa Market Research Society, Taiwan)



論壇官網(持續更新) https://aprc2018.meettaiwan.com/?type=0&lng=en