Introduction to EMBA
Introduction to EMBA

As transactions have become more complex and global competition has become more intense, the field of Accounting has been converted from a passive role in financial reports into a forward-looking strategy map, being a guideline for managers to achieve strategic goals in a more pragmatic way, to ensure a both long and short term competitive advantage

After the Enron bankruptcy in the US, countries all over the world have strengthened their legislation, updating their accounting norms and penalties, and thus the demand for accounting expertise of executives increase. Therefore, from this year, the course structure of Accounting Group of EMBA has been redesigned for CEOs, in hope to equip present or future CEOs with business and accounting knowledge

The goal of the curriculum is not only aimed to CEOs but also for students who do not have a law or business background. From this year on, there will be only 8 required credits for accounting profession, while the other 28 credits are open as elective courses.


About the 8 required credits for accounting profession, we have abandoned the traditional idea of subjects or courses. Instead, we systematically designed a series of “Topics”, inviting professors from the Department, the College, or even experts from other institutes to give lectures. We also gather the CEO Forum from time to time, inviting famous CEOs to give speeches as a part of the course. We hope through this brand new course design, students can acquire professional qualities and knowledge in the shortest time.

The curriculum of Accounting Group of EMBA has gained a good response from the students, and students admitted last year were more diversified than before, with considerable influence in their respective fields. If you are a CEO or a CEO-to-be, we believe the Accounting Group will be your best choice.


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