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收納資料 : (1) Global New Issues Databases       (2) Mergers & Acquisitions 
       (3) Corporate Governance        (4) Corporate Restructings 
     (5) VentureXpert            (6) Securities Trading
     (7) Global Public Finance

(1) Global New Issues Databases
Global New Issues Databases

(4) Corporate Restructings
Corporate Restructings

(7) Global Public Finance
 Global Public Finance
(2) Mergers & Acquisitions 
Mergers & Acquisitions

(5) VentureXpert
(3) Corporate Governance 
Corporate Governance

(6) Securities Trading
Securities Trading

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※ SDC 名詞定義
1. SDC Data Items Definitions

2. 私募股權數據庫的定義指南(definition guide for most of the items in the Private Equity database)

3.  Fund Initial Closing Date:
The date of a signed agreement between the limited and general partners of a fund to commit an agreed dollar amount. This close date may be followed by the fund's first investment.

※ 如何取得 SDC 之名詞定義
You may find the definition of the item by going back to the search criteria window. The definition link works from this section. See screenshot below:

例如 SDC中VentureXpert變數的定義,我在SDC中無法找到(如圖no_definition),網頁上的Definitions exce也找不到 , 可用上面方法查詢.